Feisty Centenarian Kicks Butt in Chicago

         Chicagotribune.com of May 7, 2009, brings a heartwarming dispatch.

         Ten years ago, a developer offered Anna Mae “Babe” Ahearn $25 million for her golf course, in order to build a Home Depot store. But the local village of Evergreen Park nixed that deal by refusing to rezone the property for big-box uses. Time went on and in due course the village decided to acquire that golfcourse itself. So it evidently had the chutzpa to offer Ahearn $5 million which she sensibly turned down. Later the village filed a condemnation action to take it. After a one-week jury trial the verdict came in at $25,000,000.

           Ms. Ahearn is now 101 years old.

          Nice going, Babe.

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