Plowing Under Detroit – Take Two

         According to an article by Olga Bonfiglio, entitled Delicious Detroit, which you can find at p. 31 of the August/September 2009 issue of Planning, a magazine published by the American Planning Association, Detroit has some 70,000 vacant lots, which is hardly surprising because it has lost a million residents since the early 1950s. Bonfiglio urges that the city take advantage of this situation and encourage large scale community gardening by the remaining city inhabitants. This, she argues, will provide the remaining population with wholesome food replacing all that fast food that’s bad for you. Check it out.

         We are not making this up, but this article also refers to Greening of Detroit, an organization that is described as promoting “a reforesting program for the city’s neighborhoods, boulevards and parks.”

          For our earlier take on this subject, go to For the latest update by the Wall Street Journal, see

          What a sad, heartbreaking comedown for the once thriving Motor City.

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