About that Taj Mahal of a School in Los Angeles . . .

A little while ago we had occasion to comment on the economic disaster unfolding in Los Angeles where the school district is in the process of spending some $578 million on a high school on land taken by eminent domain in the mid-Wilshire area. See our take on that at www.gideonstrumpet.info/?p=469  

By way of follow-up, check out an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal, Sep. 4-5, 2010, at p. A13, Allysia Finley, Broke — and Building the Most Expensive School in U.S. History.

It turns out that this school is only one of several similar capers of the Los Angles Unified School District that is running a $640 million deficit, and fails to graduate about one-half of its students.

As we never tire of saying: Your tax money at work.