Google Gibberish

We often refer to the Google service that alerts us daily to news items concerning inverse condemnation. It’s a useful service. But nothing is perfect, and of late some of the items that Google has been alerting us to have nothing to do with inverse condemnation, and only involve expressions that use the word “inverse.”

For example, this morning’s Google alert greeted us with the following bit of gibberish:

‘Symmetric group inverse‘ ‘golub chu inverse eigenvalue’
derivative of inverse trig. cause for inverse condemnation. inverse of y x 2 spot zoning inverse condemnation. black ruffle top. inverse of tan

Now, eigenvalue may not be gibberish to mathematicians who study linear algebra, but it has nothing to do with government takings of private property; i.e., condemnation, whether direct or inverse.

So here is our wish that the powers that be at Google start paying a little more attention to what they are doing. There is information out there that does involve inverse condemnation that Google should but does not report. So let’s get with the program, guys.

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