The High Speed Rail Will Go Where??!

The folks at the Sacramento office of Stoel Rives, a well known law firm, inform us on their web site that

“The California High-Speed Rail Authority (“Authority”) will announce at its December 2, 2010 meeting which segment of the 800-mile HSR will be the first to be built. At its November 4, 2010 meeting, the Authority’s Chief Executive Officer, Roelof van Ark, presented the Authority’s Board members with revised corridor selection criteria for full Board discussion and direction. The Federal Railroad Administration recently sent a letter to the Authority stating that the Stimulus money must all be allocated to the Central Valley. ” (Emphasis added).

“Thus, contrary to earlier projections, the two routes in the most populated regions—San Francisco to San Jose, and Los Angeles to Anaheim—are now out of the running. The route that will be the early winner of $4.3 billion in federal and state funds and constructed first will be either Merced to Fresno (60 miles in length), or Fresno to Bakersfield (113 miles in length).”

So if this information is correct, given its prognosticative nature, it would appear that the vaunted high-speed rail service will run through the boondocks populated by comparatively few people. To us, it’s the sort of thing that leaves one wondering — who do these folks think will ride the high-speed trains between Bakersfield and Fresno?? And how will it be possible to achieve the level of ridership that is sufficiently high to pay for this caper?

Oh well. Guess we have no choice but to leave such decisions to our betters. Stay tuned and see what happens.

In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving, and reflect on the fact that in spite of these capers that keep us entertained and insolvent, we have much to be thankful for. Keep that in mind, and enjoy your turkey, the fellowship of your family and friends, and your freedom that makes it all possible.

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