Lowball Watch – Massachusetts

The Sun Chronicle reports that the Attleboro Redevelopment Agency took local property for which it deposited $207,000. But when the case went to trial, a jury awarded just compensation of $893,000, plus $124,006.87 in interests. George W. Rhodes, City May Face $1 M Lawsuit, The Sun Chronicle, December 12, 2010. http://www.thesunchronicle.com/articles/2010/12/11/news/8529682.prt

Now comes the wrinkle. The Sun Chronicle reports that the Agency has not paid the judgment, and the owners have now filed a lawsuit against the city, seeking payment of the $957,006.87 still owed¬†them. The city contends that it is a separate entity from the Redevelopment Agency, and disclaims responsibility for the Agency’s obligation to pay.

Stay tuned.

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