Memorial Day Thought

It’s Memorial Day today. So take a moment to reflect on the fact that for all its warts and pimples, you live in the greatest country on earth.┬áThe reason it is so is that over the centuries of this country’s existence, so many brave men and women did their utmost and gave their lives to keep you free. And if you are a foreigner reading this, remember who saved your butt in two world wars.

Even as you are enjoying that holiday backyard barbeque, take a moment and reflect on the sacrifice of the fallen — a sacrifice that is still going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. It may be trite, but it’s true: they suffered and died to keep you free.

So if you choose to participate in any formal celebration of Memorial Day, so much the better. But even if you don’t, give it some thought. For, as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

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