Lowball Watch – Texas

We just came across a 2009 opinion of the Texas Court of Appeals that reveals the following. In a part-take condemnation action for a highway project, the parties agreed that the remainder was worth $276,000 in the “after condition.” The state contended there was no damage to the remainder and the owners were entitled to $28,750 for the part taken, as total compensation.  The jury found that the “before” value of the entire property was $579,348, and so, after deducting the agreed-on “after” value, the award to the owners came to $303,178. The Texas Court of Appeals affirmed.

By our calculator, the award comes to over 10 times the amount of the state’s contention of value.

You can find the opinion at State v. Petroupolos, 2009 WL 1161017 (Tex.App.-Austin)).

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