Lowball Watch — Mississippi

The De Soto Times reports the results in a local condemnation case as follows. The Mississippi Transportation Commission offered the owner $197,775 for a 37.3-acre part of a 462-acre subdivision. The offer was declined and the case went to trial. The jury awarded $2.3 million, and the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed. That verdict┬ácomes to over eleven times the amount of the state’s offer.

The large difference between the parties was evidently brought about because the state did not think that there were severance damages to the remainder of the subject parcel. The owner’s appraiser thought otherwise, and the jury agreed with him.

What is puzzling about this news item is that the offer was made in 2000, the jury verdict was filed in 2001, and the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed two years later. So why is this litigation is being reported in 2011?

The story is Robert Lee Long, Eminent Domain Tested in 2000. desototribune.com, November 1, 2011 — click here.

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