Good News – Bad News from Hawaii

Good news: our colleague  Robert Thomas reports on his blog, that the Seminar Group is putting on a program on Eminent Domain and Land Use, in Honolulu. Bad news: the program is scheduled for May 12th, so if you want to make it, you better hustle to pack your gear and get plane reservations in time. Those folks have all sorts of interesting issues over there, and this looks like a good faculty.

Besides, how can you beat a trip to Hawaii? We have no personal interest in this one, but if you want our recommendation on where to stay, we suggest the Moana-Surfrider (our favorite), the Royal Hawaiian, or if business has been good, the Halekulani. All beachfront venues and all classy.  To get the details of the program, click here to see the brochure and to get a link to the faculty list.


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