New Legal Journal on Property Rights

While spending the end of last week at William & Mary College School of Law for the annual Brigham-Kanner symposium and the award of the 2012 Brigham-Kanner prize to Professor James Krier of the University of Michigan Law School, we learned that William & Mary has inaugurated a new law journal devoted to private property rights. We are pleased to report that the name of the new journal is The Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Law Journal. Volume 1 is out and may be obtained by contacting the William and Mary College School of Law in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Our granddaughter has opined afer viewing that first volume that “This is cool.” We can’t help but agree with her.

We will have more to say 0n this subject (the new journal, not our granddaughter who is pretty cool herself) but we are still on the road and won’t be back in the saddle until next week.

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