A Backward Look at Kelo v. New London

PBS.org has been running a video of Peter Sagal’s commentary on the Constitution. One segment is devoted to the  Kelo case. To see that video,  go to the Volokh Conspirace and check out one of the posts by Peter Sagal on the Constitution, particularly the segment on the Kelo case.

Nothing startling about that video. PBS is hardly the sort of outfit likely to wax indignant over abuse of individual property rights, and unsurprisingly, its criticism of the Kelo caper is rather mild. It’s a sort of surprized “Gosh! Can they do that?” sort of thing. But it is criticism, and coming as it does from the generally left of center PBS folks, it’s worth noting. What is informative is its showing of  the site: both as depicted in the city’s phony plans — the plans over which the U.S. Supreme Court majority waxed ecstatic, and the reality — the actual reality if you’ll pardon the redundancy — depicting the empty acreage where the homes of Susette Kelo and her neighbors once stood and which is now empty land, overgrown with weeds, doing no one any good after consuming something like $100,000,000 in public funds.

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