Are All Those Costly Clean-Air Regulations Doing Much Good Globally?

Having been exposed to principles of physics, we always wondered how much good all that frenzied, costly American regulatory activity aimed at producing clean air, is actually doing. After all, if we work on clean air but other large economies don’t, it follows that their air pollution will spread globally from there to here. Case in point: China.

Here is what the air looks like in Beijing, according to a front page story in today’s Los Angeles Times. So much so that expatriates living there are migrating out to other places. But is that smog moving too?

Diego Azubel / EPA

Today’s  L. A. Times HeadlineAmerican expats fleeing Beijing smog


Follow up. Today’s L.A. Times tis running a piece about Secretary of State Kerry hectoring the Indians about how they should do something about air pollution. Rots of Ruck, Mr. Secretary.

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