More on Detroit, Except this is a Good One

We recommend that you read Come See Detroit, America’s Future, an op-ed in today’s New York Times, July 25, 2013, at p. A19, by Charlie LeDuff who is on the staff of WJBK Fox2 in Southfield (a suburb of Detroit). A good read that, with a bit of biting humor, that concludes:

“So come to Detroit, my fellow Americans. Come take a look at your future. Come give the tires a kick. And if you want your money back, come strip copper pipes and wiring from the abandoned buildings — if you can find any copper. Chances are, someone beat you to it.”

We tried to call Mr. LeDuff to deliver our “Atta boy!” in person, but nobody was answering the phone at WJBK Fox2. You don’t suppose this is a put on, do you?

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