Bye, Bye, Atlantic City

Remember how we were told by our betters that Atlantic City would be revived and rescued from its status as New Jersey’ slum-by-the-sea? How it would be done by establishing a bunch of casinos near the boardwalk and thus drawing a bunch of would-be high-flying gamblers who lacked the time or the funds, or both to travel to Las Vegas where the real legal action was. Many people today take their enjoyment of casinos to the internet where they can enjoy slots and table games from the comfort of home. Those who are interested in checking out a good online casino can search online or visit a casino similar to joy casino in Japanese or other languages. With the power of the internet not only can you enjoy a casino from the comfort of your own home but in different languages too.

Now, it’s years later, other states got the same idea, and Atlantic City casinos are going following the report of the imminent closure of the Trump Plaza:

In addition to Trump Plaza, two other hotels are expected to close in the near future: Revel, the highly-touted $2.4 billion resort that opened in 2012 with dreams of providing a different Atlantic City experience, says it could close by August if it can’t find a buyer. The Showboat Casino Hotel will also close in August, according to Caesars Entertainment. Mark Berman, Trump Plaza Is Closing. This Is Just the Latest Sign of Atlantic City’s Dramatuic Decline, Washington Post, July 14, 2014. Click here

Which goes to show once again that redevelopment is development with the prefix “re” attached to it. Which is to say that it has its risks as well as its rewards. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. If you still want to enjoy the thrill of gambling outside of Atlantic City, why not play some slots online? spilleautomater offers free spins at nye casinos like Betsson and Nordicbet.

The NY Times has chimed in today (7/15/14) with its own take on the Atlantic City disaster. Click here for the story.Ā®ion=photo-spot&WT.nav=photo-spot&_r=0

In the end, one picture is worth a thousand words. And here is such a picture brought to us by the NY Times.

In the Atlantic City neighborhood surrounding the Revel casino, houses stand next to broad vacant lots and abandoned buildings. Credit Devin Yalkin for The New York Times

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