Truth Teller?

There is a fellow in California, who identifies himself as Dean (“Dino”) Cortopassi, and who has been running full-page ads in California newspapers, under the heading of “LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!” In them, he purports to expose government misrepresentations concerning California’s fiscal irresponsibility and the government’s concealment of the true financial picture.

We don’t know whether and to what extent Mr. Cortopassi’s allegations are true, but he sure lays it on the line. Our attention was attracted by his full-page ad in today’s LA Times (Aug.7, 2014, at p. A13). Like other Times ads, it’s not available electronically on line; you have to buy a hard copy of today’s LA Times to see it. The ad is devoted to allegations of overspending by the California Departments of Corrections and good ol’ Caltrans, particularly the latter’s overspending on the Bay Bridge. Interesting stuff, if true.

So we intend to keep an eye on his output and see if we can learn stuff from it.

But a word of caution: When we first posted this, we had trouble opening Mr. Cortopassi’s web page. But by this time of day (4:35 PM in California) all is well and you can open that web page containing his past articles by clicking on . So please disregard the earlier (deleted) version of this post that appeared earlier today.