Another Startling Win for a California Land Owner

We are getting ready to take off for the Brigham-Kanner program on property rights at William & Mary College in Virginia, so this post will have to be brief. Go to the California Court of Appeal decision in Bowman v. California Coastal Comm’n, No. B243015 (Oct. 23, 2014), holding that the California Coastal Commission’s demand for an exaction was invalid because there was no nexus and no proportionality between the Commission’s demand forĀ an easement, and the owner’s request for a permit to repair an old structure.

Anywhere else such a ruling would be routine, but in la-la land it’s a big deal.

One thought on “Another Startling Win for a California Land Owner

  1. LRP

    Did I miss something? How is this a win, much less startling? Did the CC get what it wanted? Yes. Did the property owner get what he wanted? No.

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