Lowball Watch — Texas

News reaches us that a property owner in Wichita Falls, Texas, won a $445,365 judgment againstĀ a power company, as opposed to an initial offer of $55,000, later raised to nearly $140,000. The award was a $393,165 jury verdict, plus interest and costs, which came to a total of about $445,000.

The case is Oncor Electric Delivery Co. v. Edward Clack, Case No. C-330-E. The news item does not indicate what factual or legal issue(s) divided the parties, to make the jury verdict eight times the amount of the initial offer. See http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/texas-landowner-wins-445000-judgment-against-power-company-for-lost-property-value-300036697.html

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