Latest Dispatch from the Environmental Front

As you may recall, sometimes we leave the topic of eminent domain aside and take a peek at environmental doings. Here is one such post, and it’s a doozy.

We were in Honolulu last week, and enjoyed it very much. But as we strolled along, we came across an item that just cries out for sharing. The tail (Western) end of Kalakaua Avenue, the main drag of tourist Honolulu, is the place where you find the real upscale shopping, along with some downscale Japanese ramen joints.

So there we were the other day, passing in front of the posh Louis Vuiton store from whose interior flowed a blast of cold, air-conditioned air. So as is our wont, we wondered: what sort of lunatics would do that — leave big double doors wide open, let the cold air flow¬†outward thereby de facto trying to air condition¬† the great outdoors on a hot August day? Answer: your government — that’s who. As we were strolling past ol’ Louis’ digs, we noticed an official notice painted on the lower edge of the store doors: “These doors must remain in the locked, open position during business hours.” No, we are not making this up. In this day of energy conservation, reduction of the carbon footprtint, and all that other good stuff, the government, it would appear, requires store keepers in the hot climate of Hawaii to keep the doors to their air-conditioned places of business wide open in the most environmentally wasteful manner possible.

We’ll let you explain that one to us if you can, and if you can’t, feel free to sputter in disbelief. We did.