No News From New London

         In our post of November 22, 2008 (Once More With Feeling) we took note of the news item reported a day ealier by The Day, the New London newspaper, that the City of New London had issued a Request for Qualifications, inviting developers to come forward in connection with the Fort Trumbull redevelopment project — the site of the wretched Kelo case. The Day mentioned a January 5, 2009, deadline for responses.

          It just dawned on us that January 5th has come and gone with no news dispatches that this deadline has been met. Or not met.

         So stay tuned. One of these days we may see progress by the city. But we suggest that you not hold your breath.

FOLLOW-UP. The New London newspaper, The Day, reports that in response to its Request for Qualifications, New London has received two — count ’em, two — responses from developers interested in taking a shot at the Fort Trumbull redevelopment project. These developers have not yet been identified.

          John Brooks, the executive director of New London Development Corporation does not appear to be exuding optimism — he is quoted by The Day as saying “The response is a little disappointing. The economy is in tough shape. It’s a risk to take on a project now.” It sure is, John, except that starting a new development venture involves the risk of failure any time, not just now.  That is why people who want to profit from such ventures should risk their own money, not public funds.

         The article may be found in Kathleen Edgecomb, Two Developers Express Interest in Fort Trumbull, The Day, Jan. 30, 2009.