Dumb Move In Connecticut

         Those wonderful folks in Connecticutr, the ones who gave us the Kelo case, are at it again. In 2006, evidently acting in an outburst of common sense, Connecticut emulated Utah and created the office of a Property Rights Ombudsman, a government official who can mediate disputes between property owners and the government. The program worked well in Utah and gave every indication of working well in Connecticut. But it was evidently an idea that was too sensible, so now Connecticut wants to eliminate that office to — need you ask? — save money. But as the Connecticut Law Tribune points out, the Property Rights Ombudsman does not cost the State money. On the contrary, his activities save money by avoiding needless contentious and expensive litigation. To see that Tribune editorial, click here. http://www.ctlawtribune.com/getarticle.aspx?ID=33415