For This You Went to Dear Ol’ Ivy U.?

This isn’t exactly about eminent domain, but we thought we would be remiss not to mention it to our lawyer-readers. Today’s New York Times carries two articles dealing with the problem of employment, or more accurately the lack thereof, among recent law school graduates who have gone into hock up to their eyeballs in order to fatten the purses of law schools, and who now discover that getting legal jobs that allow them to eat and repay their debts at the same time isn’t easy. The first one of these is David Segal, Is Law School a Losing Game? N.Y. Times, Jan. 9, 2011, at p. 1 (Business Section), and the second one is John Schwartz, I Want My Money Back (on Everything), Id., at p. 13. 

The first of these is quite long, and covers a lot of ground. But its main point is captured by its subtitle “Deans Say Graduates Are Working. They Don’t Say How Many Are at Home Depot.” Bottom line: don’t rely too much on those law school rankings which according to the author of that article, leave something to be desired as reliable information, and invite a second look by the American Bar Association. For the entire article go to

The second article, an essay,  is worth looking at, if only for the cartoon that comes with it and for its not-entirely-tongue-in-cheek proposal that dissatisfied law students should be able to get their tuition back. Yeah. Right! Go to