. . . And In Bolivia Too

We just came across a news item from BBC, reporting serious rioting in Bolivia over the proposed construction of a new highway through an indigenous people area. Bolivia Amazon Road Protesters Break Police Blockade, September 2011 – click here .

“Riot police had been blocking the march for several days to preent clashes with communities along the route who support the road project. Indigenous protesters waving flags and brandishing traditional bows and arrows surged through the lines of riot police. One officer was wounded, apparently by an arrow which struck his face.

“The dispute over government plans to build a road through the Isiboro-Secure Indigenous Territory and National Park — known by its Spanish acronym TIPNIS — has sharpley divided opinion.”

And so it goes.

However, we must note that evidently rioting is a national pastime in Bolivia. You don’t believe us? Then go to Google and type in “Rioting in Bolivia.” You’ll get over two million hits. At least we did.

But this time, it appears to be serious. Al Jazeera reports that the Bolivian Minister of Defense has resigned in protest of these events. Click here