It’s Baaack!

Remember that nototrious Alaska “bridge to nowhere?” Of course you do. But if you do, you probably think it died of sheer embarrasment when it became known that Congress popped some $250,000,000 on a proposed bridge nearly the size of the Golden Gate Bridge, that would connect  Anchorage with Matanuska-Susitna whose tiny population would not justify a bridge anywhere near that size, whose cost, according to a financial analyst quoted in this story, could exceed $4 billion. With a “b.”

Well, folks, it’s back. The Washington Post reports that  there is something called KABATA which stands for Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority up there, and it’s hard at work to get that bridge built. How is that possible, you ask. Didn’t Congress eventually cancel the appropriation for that “bridge to nowhere?” Well, yes. Sort of. But not really. Explains the Post: “Though earmarks for the bridge were eliminated some of the redirected federal funds have still made their way to the bridge authority for research and promotion.” Your tax money at work.

For the whole incredible (though evidently true) news story go to Steven Mufson, Alaska “Bridge to Nowhere,” the Knik Arm Crossing Project, Still on the Table, Washington Post, September 25, 2011 – click here .