Shocking News from Colorado: There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, the planner’s blog, brings us the news that Colorado has made a remarkable discovery. Whereas the mountain folks, moved as they were by the best environmentalist intentions, decreed that electric cars were Good and would therefore be provided with free electrical charging stations accessible to the public, they have now discovered that – zounds! – a charging station costs $16,000 to construct, which is “quadruple what was expected.” Only two charging stations have been built. But Boulder, still plans to build 20 stations instead the 40 they had originally planned, and will charge drivers using them $1 per hour to plug in.

The last word comes from a tech nabob from Toyota, who understands how the first law of thermodynamics works, and who is quoted as saying that free recharging options are not going to last. “Too expensive. Electricity is going to get more expensive for everybody.”

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