Back in the Saddle — Sort of

Fun was had at the ALI-ABA 29th annual eminent domain program in San Diego. We are impressed by the quality of the people who show up, not only as participants but also as memebers of the audience, and by how they all manage to engage in what is called “networking” these days. The program materials, both in the form of the attendees’ handout materials (about the size of a telephone book) and DVDs are available to those who couldn’t make it to the program. Contact on that one.

The bad news, is that your faithful servant has come down with some sort of cold/flu crud of a kind that he hes never experienced before, and which he is still fighting. So if it takes a few days for us to get properly back in the saddle, bear with us. Given the nature of the weird field of law and human behavior we deal with, something noteworthy is bound to come along soon. So stay tuned.