Lowball Watch – Missouri

Stltoday.com reports the results of an eminent domain case involving the taking of a Greyhound bus repair facility in St. Louis. Missouri. DOT offered the owners $1.7 million, but the jury verdict was $4.5 million. The reported facts are sketchy, so we are unable to tell you what legal or valuation issue(s) didvided the parties. The award was thus over two-and-a-half times the DOT offer.

Another interesting aspect of this case, the sort of thing that is rarely reported, is that the Greyhound facility employs 45 people, and so far has been unable to find another property suitable for a new replacement facility. So it’s possible that many of these jobs will disappear. For the original story, Patrick M. O’Connell, MoDOT Loses St. Louis Eminent Domain Case, Stltoday.com, January 19, 2012 – click here