Who Pays For “Occupy L.A.”? Guess.

The Los Angeles Times reminds us in today’s edition that when the “Occupy L.A.” mob was finally removed from the city hall lawn where the “protesters” did their thing, they left behind a wreck — both in the form of trash¬†(those are the folks who rail about “polluters”) and of destruction of the lawn that now has to be restored in some form. So the city has been soliciting ideas for that,¬†and the winning one appears to be to replace the lawn with native plants.

The article is silent as to what that will cost and who will pay for it. So far, we haven’t come across any indication that the occupiers will be fined and the fines used for the purpose of city hall lawn restoration. Evidently, the cost of restoration is imposed only on some poor SOB who transgresses some obscure EPA regulation (see our recent comment on the Sackett case), but not on politically correct folks who wreak havoc on a public green spaces.

For the Times article, Plans Floated to Fix City Hall Lawn Ruined by Occupy L.A. Campers, L.A. Times, January 16, 2012 – click here.

“Campers”??!!! Did the L.A. Times say “campers”? Welcome to la-la land.