The California Coastal Commission — Always Good for a Laugh

For the latest on the California Coastal Commussion of which it has been aptly said that it is a government body that tends to confuse the state police power with the power of a police state, check out Katy Grimes, California Coastal Commission Keeps Grabbing Land, Cal. Watch Blog – Click here.

It’s a good, concise history of the Commission and its misbehavior that is worth reading.

And if you want an insight into how California courts have been coddling the Commission and doing its bidding, check out an oldie but goodie: Michael M. Berger, You Can’t Win them All — Or Can You? 54 Cal. State Bar Jour. 16 (Vol 54, No. 1), Jan./Feb. 1979, which describes how during the formative years of the California Coastal Act, the Commission won almost nine out of ten of its cases as an appellant, which — as any experienced appellate lawyer will tell you — is like batting 900 in major league baseball — it just doesn’t happen without some help from above.

Check it out.