Last Call for the Brigham-Kanner Conference on Property Rights

The annual conference on property rights and the annual award of the Brigham-Kanner prize will take place in about a week at the William & Mary College Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia — on October 17-18, 2013, to be exact. Actually what will take place on the 17th will be a reception and dinner at which this year’s Brigham-Kanner prize will be awarded to Professor Thomas W. Merrill of Columbia Law School as this year’s recipient. The program, with a whole bunch of  knowledgeable speakers will take place the next day, October 18th. So there is still time to make it, if like us you are an eminent domain/property rights junkie.

There will be four panels on the 18th: (1) The Impact of a Leading Property Scholar: Defining the Essence of Property, (2) Promoting Government Forbearance, (3) Roundtable Panel: Implications of the [Supreme] Court’s Recent Taking Cases, and (4) Property Rights in Times of Transition. The interesting part of this year’s Brigham-Kanner festivities is that the various panels will consist of both academic types as well as noted practitioners. Should be interesting.

If you want to make it, get in touch with Kathy Burger, telephone (757) 221-6329, at the William & Mary College Property Rights Conference, P. O. Box  8795, Williamsburg VA 23187-8795.