We have trouble believing¬†this is for real, but take it for what it’s worth. The PBS News reports that in Iceland, local NIMBYs are opposing the construction of a highway so as not to disturb the homes of elves. See for yourself:”


A small earthen mound is decorated as an “elf house” near Strandakirkja in southern Iceland. An Icelandic group called the Hrauvinir claims that ancient elves of Iceland would be disturbed by the construction of a proposed highway. Photo by Christian Bickel/Wikipedia

As far as we have been able to ascertain, no elf has been heard from directly. But give ’em time. Chances are that somewhere there is a federal judge ready to entertain a lawsuit on behalf of elves. After all, if trees can have standing (according to the late justice Douglas), then why not elves. After all, it should be easier for a lawyer to communicate with an elf concerning¬† client intent, than with a tree.