Alas, Goats in Detroit Are Verboten!

Remember the news from a while back, which prophesied that Detroit could be saved by converting land once occupied by abandoned building into farms? Sure you do; we wrote about here repeatedly. Well folks, it turns out that some nabob with more money than brains, cottoned to the idea, so he decided to get the agricultural ball rolling by importing a couple dozen goats in the hope that they would munch up the weeds sprouting on the land in question, thus sort of cleaning the place up and nourishing themselves.

Alas, it didn’t work out. As soon as the goats were turned loose, the city said ix-nay and ordered the goats removed. So instead of gamboling in the weeds the goats will be shipped to a slaughterhouse, may they rest in peace.

For the story, see Goats Exiled from Detroit Head for Early Slaughter,  compleat with pictures.

Goats graze in Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood.ii

Goats graze in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood.