Kelo — Once More

The Day, the New London, Connecticut, newspaper reports that the mayor has proposed that the site of Susette Kelo’s house that was taken by eminent domain be made into a little park to commemorate the taking that was probably the most unpopular US Supreme Court case in modern history. Colin A. Young, Mayor: Former Kelop Property Should Be Preserved as a Public Park, The Day, March 31, 2015.

Kelo’s house and land, and the homes of her neighbors, were taken, razed, and . . . Actually, it was all for nothing. No redevelopment took place and all that land (91 waterfront acres) is still sitting empty, 15 years after the taking and 10 years after the US Supreme Court approved it by a 5 to 4 vote. And let us not forget the $100 million in public funds that were wasted in the process.

Your tax money at work.

Follow-up.¬† The Day of April 6, 2015, reports that the above development¬†plan isn’t going ahead either. The title says it all: Plan for Kelo Property Park Tabled in New London. And that’s how it goes. It would appear that, to invoke an old Western saying, some things are just plain snakebit and this is one of them..