Gideon Kanner, Professor of Law Emeritus at the Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, holds degrees in engineering (B.M.E., The Cooper Union, 1954) and law (U.S.C, 1961). Between 1974 and 1912 he was editor of Just Compensation, a monthly periodical on the law of eminent domain, and has been active as a practicing appellate lawyer in the field of eminent domain and inverse condemnation for 40 years. He is past president of the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers.

Prof. Kanner served on the Advisory Committee on the Uniform Eminent Domain Code and has been a consultant on eminent domain to the California Law Revision Commission for over 30 years. He acted as consultant to the Japanese Construction Ministry in connection with that country’s reform of its expropriation law. He was also co-organizer of and presenter at the International Colloquium on Comparative Expropriation Law, held at Oxford University in 1990, and a recipient of a British Academy scholarship in that connection.

Prof. Kanner is a frequent author in the law journals and a lecturer at CLE programs. For the past twenty years he has co-chaired three ALI-ABA programs (on eminent domain, inverse condemnation and land-use), and acted as chairman and speaker at the annual Institute on Planning, Zoning and Eminent Domain sponsored by the Center for American and International Law. He is the recipient of the ALI-ABA Harrison Tweed award for outstanding merit in continuing legal education. He also received the Shattuck prize from the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers (now the Appraisal Institute) for outstanding contribution to appraisal literature. In 2004, the William & Mary College School of Law established an annual award for outstanding accomplishment in the field of property rights, the Brigham-Kanner Award, named after Prof. Kanner along with Toby Prince Brigham, a distinguished Florida lawyer.

Prof. Kanner was counsel for property owners in a number of precedent-setting eminent domain cases before the California Supreme Court, and has appeared as counsel for parties and amici curiae in a half-dozen taking cases in the U.S. Supreme Court. He has been listed in Best Lawyers in America.

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  7. Leland Stanley

    We need some help, may we contact you? It is about being forced to dedicate property (land for roadway) before county will issue a permit for a modular on a 17 acre site. Extortion? 925-423-8994

  8. Rosarioperry

    Your comments on the decline of lawyers abandons the cause. We need more lawyers to fight government oppression. Not less. I don’t believe that anyone can do law work. Only a dedicated and well trained law school graduate can have the necessary talents to communicate with a client console analyze create resolve. There are many talents an attorney need. Especially as our world gets more and more complicated. DON’T abandon us. You are our inspiration!

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