We’re Back — Sort of

Steady readers of this blog — and there may be a few — may have noticed that in the recent past there wasn’t any activity here. What happened is that we were hacked by people who screwed things up and it took an effort by skilled help to get us back afloat.

The nasty part of this hack was that whoever done it inserted spurious links into our text and disguised them as parts of sentences that on quick reading appeared to be a part of our blog. Believe it or not, some of them were in Swedish and some would take you to what appeared to be home pages of law firms. So it will take a while to go through our genuine posts with a fine-tooth comb and get rid of that garbage. So please bear wit us.

On the substantive side, SCOTUS gives every indication of taking an interest of the pandemic-inspired “moratorium” on evictions for nonpayment of rents which is a crude effort to commandeer rental properties of landlords who certainly had no hand in creating this mess, by de facto seizing control of rental properties and turning them over to tenants rent free. So stay tuned; we’ll have more to say on this subject.