Disruption of our Favorite Blog “www.inversecondemnation.com” Is Temporary.

We received the following dispatch from our fellow eminent domain blogger and friend, concerning the disruption in the availability of his blog:

“According to Robert Thomas, his Inversecondemnation blog (www.inversecondemnation.com) has been thrown off-line for the past few days, due to a “distributed denial of service” attack on the blog’s host, Typepad. This attack has affected thousands of blogs, making it impossible to view them or post new items. Robert writes that Typepad reports that the FBI is on the case, and for now, there is no ETA on a fix (but they’re working on it. See http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/21/say-media-owned-blogging-platform-typepad-enters-day-5-of-on-and-off-ddos-attacks/).

“Robert asks that his readers please be patient, and promises that he’ll return to Inversecondemnation.com’s regularly scheduled programming soon (or so they tell him).”