Give Thanks! There is Much to Thank For

Particularly in times like these, when lots of folks are experiencing lots of problems, it is important to pause and reflect on our condition. The fact is that for all the economic problems we face, for all the societal warts and pimples, we live in the very best place on earth. Yes indeed. We do.

So in spite of the idiots who have driven so many good people out of politics and the economy, we are still better off than just about anybody else in the world. So give thanks. But don’t overeat because the annual turkey stuffing is what is symbolic of this country’s biggest problem. It can be captured in two words: Too much. Too much of what? Too much of everything. Remember, people who have it too good for too long a period of time eventually lose their understanding of the inevitability of the downside of life, so that when a real crisis comes along, are unable to deal with it competently and effectively.

So as you reflect on all that — assuming you do — have a Great Thanksgiving!