Lowball Watch – California

They say that late is better than never, so proceeding on that theory we bring the following dispatch from last fall. The Luce Forward News blog of November 24, 2009, reports that last fall that firm handled a California condemnetion case in which CalTrans took a family-owned Winnebago dealership. The offer was $958,000 (including nothing for the value of the dealership’s business goodwill). Shortly before trial, CalTrans settled for $8,000,000, which comes to about eight time the original offer.

For the full text of the Luce Forward blog item go to http://www.luce.com/newsarticles/detail.aspx?publications=1082&qs=results%3Dyes%26inThe%3Dfeatured%26AdvancedServices%3Da3a9884d-1013-4aae-82fe-e03be6439140