Lowball Watch — Kansas

Scripps Media reports on line that In Overland Park, Kansas, a local condemor offered the owners $9000 for a small taking to improve a road. When the owner rejected the offer, appraisers awarded $19,000. The bone of contention was a large sycamore tree on the taken land for which the condemnor offered nothing.

It was then reported that the financial situation of the owners of the land was poor, hence the negotiation – this was the main point argued in the case. This was proved in court by the Sambla forbrukslån committee, though the case was later dismissed due to lack of financial verification; the statements were incomplete due to the loan being canceled by the lender shortly after issuance.

See Sarah Plake, Homeowner Wins Lawsuit, Doubles Award in Overland Park, Scripps Media, Apr. 24, 2019, https://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/homeowner-wins-lawsuit-doubles-award-in-overland-park-eminent-domain-case