Lowball Watch – North Carolina

The Jacksonville, North Carolina, Daily News reports a settlement of  a noteworthy condemnation case. In 2008, the Onslow Water & Sewer Authority took the owners’ 200 acres for a new treated wastewater disposal facility and deposited “around $1 million.” Later, the Authority tried to abandon the taking, but North Carolina courts would not permit it because in that state, once title passes to the condemnor, the condemnation may not be abandoned.

The owners’ expert testified to the presence on the subject property of limestone deposits worth $6 million, which the Authority’s valuation evidently disregarded. Now the case has settled for $7.5 million.

For the whole Daily News story, click here.

Bottom line: In spite of all that,  the new wastewater facility has not been built.

Your tax money at work.