Once More, With Feeling

The November 21, 2008, issue of The Day, the New London, Connecticut,¬†newspaper, reports that the New London Development Corporation (NLDC), the folks in charge of the Fort Trumbull redevelopment project that gave us the wretched Kelo case, is seeking developers willing to take another shot at it. The former redeveloper, was unable to obtain financing for the project, and is apparently out of the picture. The original project area has been razed and is largely vacant at the moment. Given the country’s unfortunate and worsening economic condition, accomplishment of NLDC’s goal will take some doing, but as they say, developers are an¬†optimistic lot.

The deadline for responses to NLDC’s Request for Qualifications is January 5, 2009. According to The Day story, what NLDC has in mind is “plans for a hotel and conference center, office and/or research facilities and residential and mixed use.”

Rots of Ruck, guys.