The Little Man Who Wasn’t There

          Last night I saw upon the stair
          A little man who wasn’t there
          He wasn’t there again today
          Oh, how I wish he’d go away

       We try not to involve politics in this blog, but sometimes it’s inevitable. We have been thinking about the recent presidential candidate debate, and it seems to us that there are some things that weigh heavily on today’s America, but that these guys never mentioned. Like, what to do about eminent domain law. The U.S. Supreme Court told us in Kelo that the decision to condemn private property for redevelopment is legislative, which is to say political. So who should address it if not politicians? Nor can there be any rational question that Kelo and its aftermath have had a profound impact on the country’s thinking, and that the people want some serious change in what has been going on. Y’all hear that, Senator Obama? Change. As in your favorite slogan. As for Senator McCain, he has come out against Kelo-style takings, but — what do you know? — in those debates he didn’t mentiion the subject either.

       Which sems passing strange when you reflect on the fact that, according to the polls, eminent domain abuse is of greater interest to the American public than just about any other subject, producing rates of disapproval of “economic redevelopment” in the 90%+ range — utterly unheard of in polling on other subjects.

       So what do you think is going on here?