The Never-Ending New London Saga

New London’s newspaper, The Day, reports that in spite of Connecticut Statute 8-199 which requires that title to the land acquired for redevelopment be transferred to the municipality in which it is located, what has happened instead is that the New London Development Corporation ( a non-profit entity set up to acquire land for the city’s redevelopment project) is hanging on to the title. See David Collins, New London Shouls Take Title to Fort Trumbull, February 8, 2010,

The fascinating thing is that when Collins, the author of this article, started calling the people in charge of these things, they either ignored his inquiries or refused to talk.

There is no clue in the article as to why this is going on.

Oh yes. The State of Connecticut has a $73 million mortgage lien on the Fort Trumbull redevelopment project property, but somehow we doubt very much that they will foreclose.