The San Francisco “Freeway Revolt” in Retrospect

Those of our readers whose memories run that far back, may enjoy a backward look at the notorious San Franncisco “Freeway Revolt” in which the city, yielding to public protests, refused to grant CalTrans permission to build new freeways through various parts of the city. The result was that for many years San Francisco sported freeway stubs, for lack of a better word. They were uncompleted, elevated freeways that ended abruptly in mid-air. They were torn down more recently, as was the Embarcadero Freeway.¬†

So here it is in all its glory Рanother detailed post by, reviewing the failed San Francisco freeway plans and the history of that caper. An interesting read, that. Go to Revisiting the San Francisco Freeway Revolt, June 11, 2009,