“They’re Movin’ Father’s Grave to Build a Sewer”

That’s the title of an old English vaudeville song which you can hear in a great rendition by the Clancy Brothers. We were reminded of it when we came across this news item that brings that golden oldie to life. The city of Chicago has condemned an old cemetery in order to expand Chicago O’Hare airport. Here is the news item: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chicago/ct-met-0209-ohare-cemetery-20100208,0,7097406.story 

Here are the lyrics:

They’re movin’ father’s grave to build a sewer
They’re movin’ it regardless of expense.
They’re movin’  his remains to lay down nine-inch drains
To irrigate some posh bloke’s residence.
Now what’s the use of havin’ a religion?
If when you’re dead your troubles never cease.
When some posh city chap wants a pipeline to his privy, they won’t let a British workman rest in peace

Now father in his life was not a quitter
And I’m sure that he’ll not be a quitter now.
And in his winding sheet, he will haunt that privy seat
And only let them go when he’ll allow.
Now won’t there be some bleedin’ consternation,
And won’t those city chappies rant and rave!
But it’s no more than they deserve, havin’ the bleedin’ nerve
To muck about a British workman’s grave.

Follow up. February 18, 2010. ABC news reports that the city of Chicago has begun disinterment of the human remains buried at the cemetery it condemned, but an Illinois Appellate Court has issued a temporary stay order. Get the story at http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/local&id=7284297